Hollywood Columbus Can Host Profitable Poker Tournaments

Here is a link to a simple spreadsheet that breaks down the money in the recently completed (and hugely successful) Queen City Classic at the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati.

As previously stated, I believe that Hollywood Columbus can host a series as great as this (or better). Previously, the powers that be at Hollywood Columbus were of the position that adhering to the Ohio Casino Control Commission’s required camera coverage for tournament poker was not cost efficient. In other words, they believed that buying (or renting) the required cameras + DVR boxes would simply cost too much to adhere to the current coverage requirements.

Event # Buy-In (prizepool) Buy-In (rake) Total Buy-In # Entrants Notes
1a 200 60 260 456 $500k Guarantee
1b 200 60 260 458 $500k Guarantee
1c 200 60 260 485 $500k Guarantee
1d 200 60 260 427 $500k Guarantee
1e 200 60 260 369 $500k Guarantee
1f 200 60 260 452 $500k Guarantee
Sub-Total Event 1 $529,400 $158,820
2a 1350 150 1500 363 Main Event
2b 1350 150 1500 167 Main Event
Sub-Total Event 2 $715,500 $79,500
Rake to Horseshoe Cincinnati from 2 events (see comment below) $238,320 <<<< This money should be going to Hollywood Columbus!

After seeing how successful Cincinnati was with their recent series, even charging $60 in rake on a $260 tournament (2600+ entrants!), I believe that Hollywood Columbus no longer has a reason to avoid hosting a large MTT series twice per year. Cincinnati plans on continuing their WSOPc events (next March) and complementing it with an event similar to the recently completed Queen City Classic each fall (September.) Why should Hollywood Columbus be any different?

This is not a critique of rake as much as a guide to show that a properly run tournament series can generate serious revenues. Horseshoe Cincy did not just throw this together – they hired one of the best crews in the business to craft a schedule and run it like clockwork. Besides the events listed above there were numerous other events generating even more revenues to the casino, while driving players to continue to show up.

For example, Event 1 gave a $2k bonus for each stack bagged after the first.  This bonus came out of the prize pool. The Turbo Series included $30k in added bonuses to the points leaders while all Nightly 2nd Chance Events added two $1500 Main Event seats to the prize pool. Finally, there was a $25k freeroll with numerous ways to qualify. The added money came from the poker promotional fund.

This is the exact kind of series that Hollywood Columbus can put on to bring in thousands of players from Ohio and a dozen surrounding states, a result that is good for the casino as well as the local community which is sure to see a boost in spending on things like hotel rooms, restaurants, gas, etc.

Show Hollywood Columbus that you agree! Tweet at them and ask about improving tournaments whenever you can!

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