The Jason Day Project

As an avid golfer and PGA Tour fan, I am quite lucky to personally know two of today’s finest touring professionals. Following the careers of Cincinnati’s Jim Herman (@gohermie) and Warren’s Jason Kokrak  (@jaykokrak) is almost as good as being on tour myself, as I get to live vicariously through them without the burdens of things like pressure, money and golf.

Despite both of these phenomenal golfers being from my home state of Ohio (and one of them being from my hometown) I fear that neither of them spend much time in Columbus and the time they do spend here is reserved for Jack.

However, there is at least one top-notch professional golfer who presumably spends a lot of time around Columbus, Australia’s Jason Day (@JDayGolf). According to Wikipedia, Jason lives in Westerville, a suburb of Columbus just minutes from my house.

jason day

“Columbus’ own” Jason Day

Since Wiki is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, this may not be the most accurate or reliable information. Then again, if it is accurate, I can’t fathom a world in which I don’t get at least one chance to play with one of the world’s best golfers considering he lives just minutes from my house.

Currently ranked #4 on the planet, Jason is unequivocally one of the world’s best golfers. However being the best is not without its challenges as playing each week at the highest level versus the best in the world can take a mental and physical toll. I believe Jason could relax and take the edge off by playing a round with me and a few of my dearest friends. No PGA Tour pressure, no worrying about getting fitted for a green jacket, no huge prize pool, no trophy…just golf. And maybe a few beers.

At 13.9, I’d be the highest handicap in the group (likely playing a bit higher due to nerves) but I’d feel comfortable enough to play a $2 Nassau getting 20 strokes or so. Rounding out our foursome are Chris (@Chris_Thomson80) and Ryan (@RyanFightmaster). Both guys are solid golfers with handicaps around 6 and a deep love of the game. I’m sure they’d even play for $5’s getting a few shots per side.

So Jason, if you’re reading this, feel free to hit me up (@donniccolo) anytime you’re planning on hanging around Columbus. I’m sure you’re busy travelling the world crushing the PGA Tour, but even the best of the best need some downtime. If you feel like a fun round with a few fans, we are your crew. Obviously the entire day would be on us, so no need to worry about paying for green’s fees, lunch or drinks (times can be tough on tour these days and I wouldn’t want you to decline due to worries about money.) Of course, if you’d like to pull some strings and get us on Muirfield Village or Double Eagle, I don’t think we’d complain, but otherwise leave your wallet at home.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Nick Nicastro

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2 Responses to The Jason Day Project

  1. Esther Nicastro says:

    Loved this one Nick:) I truly hope Jason takes you up on your super offer!!!!!!!


  2. Ryan F. says:

    I’d like this article amended to please reflect my actual handicap. There’s got to be an algorithm that can pull straight from the GHIN website so that this article remains dynamic and accurate. Thanks in advance. That said I’ll be wanting 14 shots when we tee it up with Mr. Day.


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