Columbus Is Missing Out On Google Fiber. Let’s Speak Up & Change That!

Google Fiber may be the future of the internet, but that doesn’t mean a thing to me until Google decides to roll it out in Columbus.

I was excited to see an updated list of cities that Google is targeting, but disappointed that Columbus is still not on the list.

We can change that! If you live in or around #Cbus, you can speak up simply by tweeting and re-tweeting @googlefiber, showing them how much you want Google in our city! The more @googlefiber sees “#Cbus” and “Columbus” in their tweets, the more likely they are to add Columbus to the next list of cities.

Google Fiber will be a great thing for Columbus and showing the city leaders how Google can benefit the city is also crucial to bringing @googlefiberΒ to the city. Be sure to tweet to the mayor, @MichaelBColeman, as well as to the city’s news outlets & any other Columbus-related twitter accounts.

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