Freedom Doesn’t Exist

All of this talk of America being a “free country” is making me sick. American nationalism is insanely high on a normal day, but during the Olympics? Fahgetaboutit. The zealots come out of the woodwork.


USA beat Russia after 8 shootouts? Fahgetaboutit.

I’m willing to concede rooting for your country as a kind of sports team. I don’t necessarily do it but I understand how it’s a pride thing for a lot of people. However, to honestly believe that people from one country are inherently better than any human being anywhere else in the universe is pure insanity.

The nationalists are like a broken record, constantly harping on and on about how “free” America is and how no one else in the world is as “free” as an American. To them, because there are state-sponsored atrocities outside of America, they ignorantly argue that Americans have it best as if “best” and “free” are synonymous.

Worst of all, they honestly believe that Americans are “free.”

Without ever stopping and thinking about it, nationalists simply regurgitate “free free free free free”. The fact there are hundreds (likely thousands) of insane laws that blatantly suppress this so-called “freedom”  seems to go completely over their heads.

Freedom? Try eating or drinking or smoking. The government dictates what you can eat, drink and smoke. If you try to eat, drink or smoke certain things, they may forcibly remove you from your home and place you in a metal cage with a high chance of being raped.

Freedom? Try growing a plant, from a seed, on your property. The government tells you which ones are ok to grow and which ones can result in your being confined to a metal cage with a high chance of being raped.

Freedom? Try selling your goods or services in a fair and private business transaction. The government states what you can sell and how much you must give to them regardless of your profit. The government also dictates what you cannot sell.

For example: The government tells professional massage therapists where they can and cannot touch their clients. It’s not up to the actual human being that is willingly offering money in exchange for the massage, rather it’s the government’s decision. The government dictates that you can pay someone to rub your back, but if you pay them to rub you in certain spot below your waist, you can both be forcibly put in a metal cage with a high chance of being raped.

Ironically, if you meet the same massage therapist anywhere else on earth, he or she can rub you as you both please, anywhere on your body, for free.

To put it in a way that everyone can understand: the government is telling you that you can’t pay someone to do something that they are allowed to do for free.

Not only is that insane, it’s completely anti-capitalistic, and it’s about as polar opposite of “free” as you can get. The government should have zero say in these kinds of matters and if you don’t understand that, I implore that you educate yourself and your close circle.

Forget about your views on things like prostitution and drugs. Your opinions on those things are only supposed to affect you. If you don’t want to bang a hooker or do some drugs, you can choose not to. However you have no right to dictate what another person does with his or her body, what they eat, who they sleep with, etc.

It’s sad that our society has morphed into a place where individuals get to lobby for and vote on issues that affect private businesses and other humans. Regardless of your views on prostitution, drugs, etc, you need to understand that supporting the current scope of laws against these things (and many others) is the exact same as supporting oppression.

I find it very sad that most men and women simply do not understand these concepts. They hear criticism of America or thoughts rebuking their supposed “freedom” and they become instantly defensive.

Don’t be one of these “way it’s been” type people.

Stop and think.

Use your brain.

Ask yourself if there are any examples of your life being hindered by the government. My life was hindered today when I received a parking ticket. Think about that: we have come to accept that the governments in the cities where we live can tell us where we can and cannot park our car. I’m not talking about total anarchy where cars drive everywhere (that would be ridiculous.) I agree that some level of structure is a good thing for society. But to dictate that we cannot park in an otherwise perfectly acceptable parking spot is borderline tyranny. Yet we all blindly accept it.


Rack up enough of these and the government can place you in a metal cage, with a high chance of…do you get it yet?

A sad and funny irony is that from what I’ve observed, all of the people who ignorantly get hung up on the idea that the USA is “free” are being oppressed in numerous ways themselves. They have a Stockholm syndrome-like attachment to the very institution that is holding them back.

The idealist in me still believes that along with other like-minded thinkers, we can change things for the better. Spread the word. Don’t accept the status quo. Do Americans enjoy some freedoms? Absolutely. Are Americans free to do as they please? Absolutely not.

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15 Responses to Freedom Doesn’t Exist

  1. Just as you’ve said in this article, freedom is relative. It’s not unusual for folks in most countries to assume theirs is the “best”, and not examine the question very closely. What matters is if you individually accept the amount of liberty and safety you have or can get within your home country.

    I know quite well the U.S. isn’t the “freest” in every category, or by every standard of measurement. Many nations have a freer press, and several have more freedom of speech. We tend to have more freedom of economic enterprise, because we accept a higher level of market risk. Other countries have decided that a larger social safety net makes the entire population more free. It all depends on how you prioritize the different kinds of freedom.

    One part of freedom you didn’t examine is an individual’s ability to adapt and change in order to increase their own freedom, rather than passively accepting whatever level is offered where you live. For example, if you choose to own fewer possessions and live in a smaller space, it gives you more time because you won’t have to work as much, because it will cost less. You’ll have more freedom to do whatever you want. Time that you control is freedom.

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  12. Fukoffolous says:

    Yes. there is no Freedom in America anymore. Property tax is a FUCKING SCAM. most beautiful lands are becoming not free and have to buy a permit and pay to FUCKING WALK the Earth. The Government Sends out Illusions that you own your land, yet they can just come a FUCKING TAKE IT as they please for reason like not paying property tax, or the need to build MORE FUCKING WAR SHIT. and Why THE FUCK do people have to work 8 hours at a job just to live. when you add up all the time you have to spend to get up, eat, drive to and from work your looking at like 11 hours or more, and if you have kids HOLY SHIT that adds a lot of time. then you have to clean your house and fix your house so that adds more time. WHERE THE FUCK is FREE TIME really at, when you sleep??? This matrix is specifically designed to make YOU A FUCKING SHEEP, with no time on UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF. Im not even going to start with the DECEPTION AND BRAIN WASHING MEDIA. This place FUCKING SUCKS and I WISH I would have never SURVIVED MY SURGERY


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