Jeff Bezos & Added To The People Fund

A short while back, someone pointed me in the direction of Elon Musk. I immediately became inspired to follow this man, and eventually to invest in his ideas.

The three companies I chose, Tesla Motors, Solar City & Panasonic, were all up double-digit % in 2013 and they continue to climb.

I chose these companies because I believe in Elon Musk. Mr. Musk is a direct influence on Tesla & Solar City, while Panasonic does business with both companies.

Had I bought in early 2013 as well, I’d be 4 for 4 in picking double-digit winners.

amazon logo

Amazon is headed by Jeff Bezos, an Elon Musk-like genius who Musk himself likely respects & admires. For all I know they are roll dogs, too.

Jeff Bezos immediately caught my eye. After just a short amount of reading about him, it became quite clear that he is a winner. He is a man of vision, and more importantly it appears that he’s ethical and open-minded. He’s not caught up in the ‘way it’s been.’ He’s an innovator. He’s a dreamer. He’s a guy who simply will not be a failure. There’s a reason he bought the Washington Post newspaper, and it’s not because he plans on going away any time soon.

For those reasons and more, I’m excited to announce that will be the 4th company added to The People Fund. Tesla, Solar City and Panasonic are happy to welcome another company with a forward thinking mentality the fund.

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