Google Fiber In Columbus

Google Fiber

Dear Google:

Please bring your insanely awesome Google Fiber to Columbus (sooner rather than later!) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Columbus is the 15th largest city in the USA, and it’s among the smartest cities in the country.

The moment you bring Google Fiber to Columbus, you will know you made a great decision. Columbus and it’s hundreds of thousands of tech savvy internet users will make you proud from the start, blogging, tweeting and posting on Google+ about how great Google Fiber is.

It’s no secret that Google > Facebook in pretty much every conceivable way (other than failure to monetize its business model) but amazingly, plenty of people are still not aware of the plethora of awesome products provided (free of charge) by Google. Launching Google Fiber in an area that is filled with a million people under the age of 40 can help fill this void. #Cbus.

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2 Responses to Google Fiber In Columbus

  1. Esther Nicastro says:

    Another good post!!!


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