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I’ve known this for a while but it only recently hit me that the majority of people do not. Google is way better than Facebook. Not just re: social networking via Google+, which is slowly gaining traction, but every single thing about Google basically slams Facebook. If you think about it, Facebook is great but it’s really a one trick pony.

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Facebook is a place to link up with friends and family to share our lives via photos and updates and links, etc. It’s really an amazing thing and I’m glad that it’s here. That said, Google also offers the ability to connect with our friends, family, fans, etc, but Google also maps out the entire planet and builds cars that drive themselves.

Not impressed? Well, consider that Google also provides YouTube, News, Gmail, Drive (cloud computing), Calendar, Translate, Books, Offers, Wallet, Shopping, Blogger, Finance, Photos… yes, it keeps going.

How can Facebook compete with a company that provides so many incredible and essential services? Translate? Are you fucking kidding me? You type whatever you want and Google instantly translates it into whatever language you choose. Technology like this, offered to humanity free of charge, is literally one of the most important advances in human evolution in the history of mankind (or at least in this iteration of mankind, also known as The Fifth Sun, more on that in a future post!)

I’m not telling Wall Street anything they don’t already know. After all, using (ahem) Google Finance, anyone can see that Google is a $345 billion dollar company trading at nearly 30 times earnings, or $1,033 per share. Facebook, on the other hand, is a $119 billion dollar company trading at 102 times earnings, or $49 per share. Google earns $34 per share. Facebook earns $0.48 cents per share.

Google > Facebook. AINEC.

(if you don’t know what that stands for….)

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