Columbus: Read About Issues 50 & 51 #Cbus

Issues 50 & 51 on the Tuesday November 5 2013 ballot in Columbus, Ohio, focus on money and schools. Two very sensitive subjects.

Before snap-deciding to vote ‘Yes’ I urge you to please read about the issues and consider why you should vote ‘NO.’  Then urge your friends, family & anyone with half a brain (who is registered to vote) to do the same.

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Vote No Columbus Cbus Issue 50 51

Simply put, passing a levy to send a boatload of homeowner money to a school system is bad for everyone. Money doesn’t help students. The entire educational system across the country is in disrepair and blindly throwing money at the problem won’t fix it. Smart men and women like you and I need to step up to fix the problem at its root.

Before we can do that, we need to stop this egregious attack on our homeownership (and our bank accounts) by VOTING NO on Columbus Issue 50 & Issue 51.

Passing these levies will increase taxes for property owners $315 for each $100,000 valuation. So a typical $250,000 home will see an increase of $787.50. Consider if a landlord owns 10 similar homes and now sees his income drop $7,875 regardless of how many children he or she has in the schools that are supposedly benefitting from the tax increase. The landlord will adjust by either raising rents (which hurts renters), or slowing spending (which hurts vendors).

Regardless, the economy suffers and large groups of “free” people pay the price, either immediately or via trickle-down, for what is nothing more than political posturing and a band-aid on the broken school system.

Think for yourself and use common sense. When you keep an open mind and read the “arguments” from both sides, it becomes extremely clear that voting NO is the only way to go.

Read more here & here.

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2 Responses to Columbus: Read About Issues 50 & 51 #Cbus

  1. Bryan says:

    Let’s not forget that Columbus City Schools operated in the red and is currently cleaning house because of a cheating scandal involving tons of teachers and educators. Fuck taxes…but especially these proposed taxes.


  2. Bryan says:

    meant to say operated in the black


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