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Columbus is a young and hip city with the 15th largest population in the USA and the largest in Ohio.

Not only is Columbus a huge city (and growing), according to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), Columbus is one of the “Top 7 Intelligent Communities“… IN THE WORLD!

Columbus #Cbus

According to a recent article in the Columbus Business First (Oct 11, 2013) regarding the “verge of a tourism renaissance” in the city, “Columbus needs to do a better job of telling its story. It especially needs to get the word out beyond Ohio’s borders.”

I believe one way to “get the word out” is with a simple social media campaign made up of 5 bits: #Cbus

Everyone knows that social media is going to continue to dominate our daily lives and I believe that a #Cbus campaign across the city and across the internet will both harvest local pride in the city and keep it in the eyes, ears and minds of the rest of the world.

Business First talks about Experience Columbus, the local tourism agency, and it’s partners, one of which is the largest university in the country in The Ohio State University. These two entities possess enormous power and literally control the path the city will follow for the foreseeable future with regard to attracting and retaining tourists and new permanent residents.

I call on Experience Columbus and OSU to fund a permanent #Cbus billboard & advertising campaign, starting downtown & on campus.

How can you help? Get involved. Reach out and connect via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more. But most importantly, be sure to include the #Cbus tag in all of your posts.

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