We Should Not Need To Ride The Silk Road

If you haven’t yet heard about the mysterious and now defeated online black market named ‘Silk Road,’ you are seriously missing out.

Silk Road was hybrid of Ebay and Amazon, only it was anonymous, it was located in a shadowy part of the Internet, and it allowed users to buy and sell anything from drugs to guns to fake IDs. Not to mention murder for hire.

Silk Road

Um…Ten ounces of White Rhino….please!

Anyone interested in Silk Road needs to read Patrick Howell O’Neill’s ‘The definitive history of Silk Road.’

To me, the saddest part of the story is that the majority of the “crimes” committed via Silk Road involved the buying and selling of substances that have no business being illegal.

The idea of a group of men and women declaring that other “free” men and women are allowed to possess some substances but not others is dangerously archaic. Possession of anything should not be a crime. Use of any substance that negatively affects someone is a different story, however. Defining the things that “free” people can eat, drink, smoke, ingest, inhale, and imbibe means that they aren’t actually “free” at all.

To me, freedom means I can live my life in a way that so long as I do not negative affect a human or domesticated animal, I can do as I please. This includes eating, drinking, smoking, sexing and anything else I desire.  How can American politicians constantly babble on and on about how “America is the greatest country ever” and “Americans enjoy superior freedoms” at the same time they campaign for more and more laws to restrict the actions of their citizens?

Why does anyone desire to restrict others? Is it a power trip? An insecurity complex? I just do not get it. I could not give a single fuck if my neighbor is a gay coke snorting cig smoking heroin injecting atheist so long as he or she doesn’t fuck with me. If someone functions as a decent human being in public, why in the world would I care what they do in private?

It’s amazing that it seems the majority of the “crimes” committed under the cover of anonymity on Silk Road, and surely whatever site pops up next to replace it, revolve around substances that can and should be legalized and regulated. Certainly this ‘Way It’s Been‘ thinking plays a role in the United States having the highest documented incarceration rate in the world.

Think about it. Legalizing everything would minimize the black market and maximize tax revenue while giving people the inherent freedoms they are supposed to already have. Long before countries, people existed on this planet free to control their own personal lives, including what they choose to put in their own bodies. That freedom does not currently exist in the United States, despite what we are led to believe.

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