Pelotonia 2013: 6 Days Until We Ride To Crush Cancer

100% of all money raised is used to fight cancer!

100% of all money raised is used to fight cancer!

As you know, I’m excited about riding in Pelotonia for the 2nd straight year. Last year, I rode 25 miles and you generously helped raise > $1,600 (toward a goal of just $1,200). Our $1,600 was combined with the rest of my Peloton, Stefanie’s Team of Hope (in honor of Stefanie Spielman), and together we added over $365,000 to the $16,800,000 total raised in 2012! [Over $40m has been raised since this grass-roots project began!]

Stefanie’s Team of Hope is the largest non-corporate Peloton in the ride! Raising $181k in 2010, $276k in 2011 and $365k in 2012 (including your $1,600!), this year we’ve already surpassed $181k for a total of ONE MILLION DOLLARS raised in under 4 years!! Every single cent goes directly toward life-saving cancer research. Think about that. It’s truly incredible. A group of strangers comes together to pool a million dollars and give it away. If that’s not inspiring, I’m not sure what is.

Nicholas Nicastro Stefanie's Team of Hope Pelotonia 2013

Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way. It takes thousands of donors, riders, volunteers, organizers, & sponsors to make this event happen.

This year, it’s 50 miles or bust. If you can spare ANYTHING, please consider donating today! Below are the links you’ll need. I am only $214 from my goal and we ride in 6 days!! MAKE IT HAPPEN. DON’T ALMOST GIVE.

2013: Donate to my ride

2013: Help us fight cancer!

2013: Ride 2, double the miles

2012: Thank you! [Pics]

2012: Deciding to ride

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