Strategically Using Certain Chips In Certain Spots

Bart Hanson once wrote about why he likes to use big chips in certain situations. Your opponent has bet $100 into you on the flop, and you know that you’re going to call. Bart’s take is that you should pay attention to how you pay the call. Do you use twenty $5 chips, four $25 chips or one $100 chip? Check out Bart’s take because it’s awesome. Since I have been focusing on this, I have come to realize that vs certain opponents multiple chips may look more threatening, while one chip may entice them to play.

I believe that this theory proved itself correct in a hand played vs a super aggressive/greedy villain.

2/5/13 $2/5 NL $300 Effective Stacks

Early in a short stack session, I have already made quads where I didn’t show down after my river value bet was not called. Two hands later I pick up the QQ with a hyper aggressive, deep stacked regular on my left. I limp, he raises to $35 and I call. Against this villain I can expect him to pay me off on a lot of flops – he just needs to catch a small piece.

Flop QSpade 7Club 4Heart [Pot $70]

I check, Villain bets $50 and I call with one black chip. Had I not flopped the nuts, I’d have likely check raised, however with only 60 BBs to start the hand and zero chance that I fold at any point, there’s no need to raise here. Calling with one chip, however, puts that black $100 chip square in the villains line of sight – and if he has any piece of the flop, despite my short stack and two calls, he won’t be able to fold if there’s any chance he can add that black chip to his stack.

Turn QSpade 7Club 4Heart 2Diamond [Pot $170 Stacks $215]

I check. He checks.

River QSpade 7Club 4Heart 2Diamond 8Heart  [Pot $170 Stacks $215]

I want value and to induce a bluff, however a normal value bet of +/- $120 won’t achieve this – villain won’t likely come over the top if I put out half of my remaining stack. I decide to bet just $50 into the $170 pot. Villain “tanks” and then throws out two black chips. Perfect. Even though I don’t have $200 behind, I wait ~15 seconds and announce “all-in.” Villain snap folds, confirming that he had complete air, and that the small river value bet induced an ill-timed bluff. Perhaps he’d have attempted the same bluff had I checked the river, however I wouldn’t have gotten max value as he’d fold to my check/shove.


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