Always Ask For A Seat Change Button

Everyone knows that table selection is very important. Most people also know that seat selection is just as important. A table with 6 casual players is great, but not so much when there are also 2 professionals on your direct left.

Unfortunately, my local game doesn’t always have a plethora of $2/5 NL games running, so often times I can’t table select, or even seat select. What I have gotten into the habit of doing is asking for the seat change button as soon as I sit down. I try to get the dealer’s attention and to ask for it in a way that doesn’t notify everyone at the table that I’m seat-conscious, however sometimes people will pick up on it.

In the same session as this hand, being aware of seat selection and asking for the seat change button paid quantifiable dividends. Knowing that the Villain is hyper aggressive and that he’s opening nearly every hand (and rarely folding pre-flop), being on his direct right was not ideal (despite the results).

Shortly after this hand, I used the seat change button to take the seat directly on the Villain’s left. Now, I enjoyed having position on him.

2/5/13 $2/5 NL $550 Effective Stacks

One orbit later, he straddled for $10 (which he did every orbit, 3 betting his option a very high % of the time).

I am under the gun with the KClubKHeart. I limp for $10 as do six other players. Villain predictably raises to $100. I re-raise to $250, with the intention of getting it in on nearly every flop. The limpers all insta fold and villain calls just as quickly.

Flop ASpade 7Club 2Diamond  [Pot $554 Stacks $300]

Villain instantly checks. I wait ~8 seconds and move all-in. Villain instantly mucks and grumbles how “that was the worst flop ever for my hand.”

Obviously it’s nice to be dealt premium hands. In this case, being aware of the Villain and asking for the seat change button set me up to capitalize on a premium hand where I wouldn’t have been able to had I not moved seats.

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