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Always Ask For A Seat Change Button

Everyone knows that table selection is very important. Most people also know that seat selection is just as important. But surprisingly not many players actively move seats to gain a better position at the table. Continue reading

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Strategically Using Certain Chips In Certain Spots

Bart Hanson once wrote about why he likes to use big chips in certain situations. Your opponent has bet $100 into you on the flop, and you know that you’re going to call. Bart’s take is that you should pay attention to how you pay the call. Continue reading

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An Easy Way To Catalog Your Live Poker Hands

Studying your game is a big part of improving. Continue reading

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Be A Good Human

There is only one race. You are supposed to be a member of it. Remember that. Focus on it, every day. Treat everyone without negativity. Continue reading

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