Pelotonia 2013


Pelotonia 2012 was the first time that I rode a bicycle > 25 miles. It was an amazing experience from start to finish.

Not just the ride, but the entire process from deciding to ride to committing to fundraising,  to asking for donations and proudly watching the generosity of others pour in. We set a $1,200 goal and we smashed it.

And this was all before the opening ceremony. 

By the time the dust settled, we had contributed over $1,600 to our Peloton, Stefanie’s Team of Hope, and helped bring the Team Total to nearly $250,000!

That quarter of a million dollars was combined with every other Peloton and every other rider, volunteer, sponsor and contributor, to bring the 2012 Pelotonia total raised to fight cancer to an insane $16,871,403! (wiki)

In the four year history of this grassroots campaign, Pelotonia has attracted over 11,000 riders and has raised nearly $43,000,000, all of which has gone DIRECTLY TO FIGHT CANCER!

round5 onegmaf

I will be riding again in 2013 (and hopefully for many years to follow.) This year’s ride is Saturday, August 10. Here is a link to my rider profile. My goal this year is 50 miles (Columbus to New Albany) which commits me to raising $1,250. However, because I fail to believe we’d actually raise less than last year, I am setting the goal at $1,601, to top last year and set precedent – we will raise more each year than the year before. Eventually, this stupid disease will be a distant memory as a result of our tenacity.

Please consider donating, sponsoring or volunteering. Every dollar helps.

donate to my rideviewprofile


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