Sex Scandal? How About A ‘Go Pound Salt’ Scandal.


The recent and unfortunate arrest of a former World Series of Poker Champion for (allegedly) soliciting sex has gotten way more attention than it ever should have. It is laughably insane to think that 1) other people’s sex lives make the news 2) prostitution, the oldest job in human history, is illegal in the USA.

Yes, I said “in the USA.”

While it will no doubt shock some people, they must learn that prostitution is legal all over the globe, and millions of people legally pay for sex every second of every hour of every day.

But if you pay for sex in the USA, and you’re remotely famous, look out. You’re toast.

What a joke. It’s laughable for so many reasons, not the least of which being that pornography is filmed in the USA all of the time, where men and women are drug and disease tested, and then paid to have sex.  This is done legally (and quite well from what I’ve been told) every day, yet somehow prostitution is still a crime. The sad irony is that keeping it illegal ensures it stays a black market, non-tested non-regulated industry.

If you’re thinking that this sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s as laughably illogical as outlawing marijuana but legalizing tobacco and alcohol. The fact of the matter is that humans should be given freedoms to do as they please. Drugs? Sex? Booze? Great!

What do sex scandals really teach us? Check out this awesome post on for the best take I’ve ever read. If only everyone was this logical and open-minded.


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