Poker In Ohio

Hollywood Columbus

2012 was a great year for Ohio in at least once sense – they finally stepped into the 21st century and legalized casino gambling. (Technically it was legalized in 2009 when the actual vote passed, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the casino doors finally opened.)

For years, every state bordering Ohio has allowed casinos, and I’ve been one of the thousands of Ohioans to cross state lines to visit a few of these fine (and some not so fine) establishments. I hated seeing millions of dollars of potential revenue for my home state being given to bordering states. I’m glad to see that so far, Ohio’s casinos seem to be not only keeping Ohioans here, but also attracting customers from other states, likely curious to check out the brand new gaming spots.

These casinos offer new and exciting dining options, nightlife and of course, gaming. I do not gamble, because every game in the casino has two things in common: It’s me versus the House, and the House has a mathematical advantage built-in. Every game except one: poker. On the poker table, I am playing versus other players. The house takes a fee from each pot (called ‘the rake’) for dealing the game, etc, but otherwise has no skin in the game. Over a decent sample, winning players will come out ahead and losing players will not. It’s a pretty simple concept.

Despite the fact that I was not a cash-game player online, I have been enjoying my time playing $1/2 No-Limit and $2/5 No-Limit at my local casino, Hollywood Columbus. From time to time I may post some of the more fun hands I have played here.

Next month, Hollywood will begin running daily multi-table tournaments (MTTs). I am looking forward to playing nearly every MTT with a buy-in > $100. It looks like there are at least 3 per week and hopefully more will be added once things settle down. These are pretty fast paced (:20 levels) and variance will be higher than normal, but I believe with my turbo MTT experience on PokerStars, along with my history in the WSOPc Nightly 2nd Chance events, I will be able to hold my own.

Cleveland’s Horseshoe Casino, which opened prior to Hollywood Columbus, has a weekly $200 buy-in MTT each Monday. They also have a $500 buy-in MTT on the final Sunday of each month. Sunday, January 27, 2013 will be my first venture to this establishment and I plan on playing the $500 MTT and Monday’s $200 MTT. I will also be bringing my K2 Fastplant in case I donk-bust either (or both lol) of these. Might as well get some shredding in!

Follow me on Twitter for live updates during MTTs. Here’s to running well!

I'm all in

I’m all in


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