New Year’s Resolution: End Cancer


2012 was a special year – it was my first of what I hope are 40 straight rides in Pelotonia, a grass roots campaign to raise money for cancer research. From the day I signed up to the first Facebook post asking for donations, to the opening ceremonies, to the ride itself, the experience is surreal and moving.

I hope that I can inspire others to join me in this yearly experience and that we can make it a reason for them to make an annual trip to Columbus.

In 2012, I am honored and humbled to say that I helped raise a portion of over $16 million dollars, 100% of which went directly toward life-saving cancer research. With HIV/Aids inching closer and closer to a cure, Cancer needs our full attention as it can strike any of us at any time. Our loved ones, our children, even our pets can be affected by this brutal disease.

Below is a chart of the brief 4 year history of this great event. As you can see, each year has seen more riders and more money raised than the year before.

Year Dates Routes Riders Total Raised
2009 Aug 28-30 4 2,265 $4,511,868
2010 Aug 20-22 4 4,047 $7,846,705
2011 Aug 19-21 4 4,986 $13,108,639
2012 Aug 10-12 6 6,212 $16,871,403

Help us continue to surpass the previous year’s totals. Please consider joining the Pelotonia family. Ride. Volunteer. Donate. Everyone can contribute in some way. No contribution is too small and no goal too great.



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