LSU and Alabama are Overrated. A Super Conference is Needed to Prove Me Wrong

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This weekend’s LSU @ Alabama game is probably the most anticipated regular season NCAA football game in recent history. Undefeated #1 LSU takes to the road to face division foe and undefeated #2 Alabama in a clash of SEC West rivals.

Sure, it’s not #1 11-0 Ohio State vs #2 11-0 Michigan, but it’s still a huge game where the winner might as well book their ticket to the BCS National Championship game. After all, no team from the SEC East is going to contend with the winner of this game. Heck, no team from the SEC East should even be on the same field as ‘Bama or LSU.

That said, both of these teams are overrated. Yeah, I said it. Despite their plethora of future NFL talent, neither team has had the chance to consistently prove how good they are. Beating up a bunch of weaklings that you are supposed to crush doesn’t make you a great team, it just makes you a team that wins the games its supposed to win.

Yet despite their lack of quality wins, the national media cannot get enough of these teams. The media is quick to crown them as the “best college football teams ever.”

Look at it this way: LSU has just 1 quality win all year, over a solid Oregon team that very well may beat Stanford in 2 weeks and go on to win the Pac-12. The rest of LSU’s wins are over bad teams who were either unranked or over-ranked when LSU played them (ex: their win over #17 Florida was a joke—Florida isn’t even ranked anymore!) Wins over Northwestern State (this is a real school?), Kentucky and Tennessee (all unranked) do little to prove how good LSU really is. And their win over then #16 West Virginia looked like a quality win until WVU showed their true colors by getting blown out at Syracuse.

Alabama’s schedule is eerily similar, save one more quality win. They beat a solid Penn State team on the road and a very good Arkansas team at home. Arkansas is the only spoiler left as they play LSU in the season finale, but that game is in Baton Rouge and I highly doubt LSU will lose at home if the SEC Title Game (aka ticket to the BCS Championship game) is on the line. However ‘Bama’s wins over “Can’t read, Can’t write, Kent State”, North Texas (what?!), Vandy, Ole Miss and Tennessee do nothing other than prove ‘Bama can beat up teams who might as well be in Division 2.

LSU and Alabama are very good, and they are most likely the best 2 teams in the NCAA. However at no fault of their own they don’t get the chance to prove their dominance week in and week out. How could we change this? A Super Conference is once place to start! While this author has Florida in over LSU, you get the point. Put the best teams up against each other every week and we will truly see them showcase their talents and emerge as elite teams should.

Until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with this Saturday’s clash of titans in what is assured to be a great game. LSU’s current coach Les Miles vs their former coach Nick Saban in a #1 vs #2 matchup is the kind of story line that you can’t make up. And one thing is certain: there will be no excuses after this game- these teams will be battling to the final seconds and leaving it all out on the field.

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