Gold… The Most Overrated Substance on Earth?

A good friend recently talked to me about gold and why it’s worth so much money. I hadn’t ever thought about it, but he brings up some very good points and I can’t say I disagree. Below are some of his thoughts. He is much smarter than you, so pay attention.

This won’t heat your house, start your car or feed your belly. But it makes a great paperweight!

Have you ever stopped to think about why gold is worth so much money? According to, one ounce of gold is currently selling for around $1,700 USD.

SEVENTEEN-HUNDRED-DOLLARS for what basically amounts to a rock. A rock that has less of a practical use than other rocks. When shit hits the fan, do people think that having a couple of gold bricks is going to be worth anything? I for one am certainly not trading canned goods for rock bricks.

Here is a list of things that are worth more than gold in a practical sense:

  1. Compostable Trash – you can use this to grow food.  You ever grow food in a chunk of gold?
  2. Trees – you can use them for heat, cooking, and shelter.  You ever try to burn a chunk of gold while sitting under some more chunks of gold?
  3. Water – duh.
  4. Plastic Grocery Bags – you can carry stuff with it, they are easily packable, and can be used to triage a sucking chest puncture wound.  You ever try to carry some stuff in your gold bag?  Or stuff a piece of gold in the chest wound you just got?
  5. My dogs – you ever run off a bunch of Jehovah’s witness or whiny kids selling candy bars for their little league team by holding back your chunk of gold?  Me neither.

Gold is only as valuable as the market drives it.  The sheeple think that it has value when really in a practical sense it has none.  Not to get too survivalist or apocalyptic about it all, but it is ridiculous.  So is your TV, your fancy car & 95% of what we have, value, and invest our hard-earned time and resources in.

I probably have done more for my family recently by caulking my windows and cutting firewood than investing in a rock.  Because ultimately I am not dependant on anyone else in order to receive the true value from my efforts.  No one has to be willing to share my perception of value of my work.  The house will be warmer because of my efforts.  No dispute.  Having your chunk of gold and it having value is dependant on the market and other people’s desire for the gold and their desire to buy your gold.  What happens when gold goes kaput too?

I guess Nixon had the right idea when he took us off of the gold standard and tied the value of the dollar to oil instead.  Oil at least has a practical value (for the time being).

I'm going to melt down a few gold bars and cover my MacBook with them!


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  1. Randy Wilsoon says:

    Hey bro I like what htis guy has to say.

    Talk to you later dude


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