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Penn State Sex Scandal & The Disgusting Men Behind It

Jerry Sandusky, a former Defensive Coordinator at Penn State University, is about to go down as one of the most hated men in the history of sports. Continue reading

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LSU and Alabama are Overrated. A Super Conference is Needed to Prove Me Wrong

LSU and Alabama are very good, and they are most likely the best 2 teams in the NCAA. However at no fault of their own they don’t get the chance to prove their dominance. How could we change this? A Super Conference is once place to start! While this author has Florida in over LSU, you get the point. Continue reading

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Gold… The Most Overrated Substance on Earth?

Have you ever stopped to think about why gold is worth so much money? It’s basically a rock. A rock that has less of a practical use than other rocks. When shit hits the fan, do people think that having a couple of gold bricks is going to be worth anything? I for one am certainly not trading canned goods for rock bricks. Continue reading

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