Speeding… Something Done by People Who Are Bad at Math!

Admittedly, I didn’t pay much attention during my years in school, however for some reason unbeknownst to me, I can vividly remember one mathematical formula:

Rate X Time = Distance

This isn’t a hard concept to grasp. For example if your Rate is 60 mph (miles per hour) and your Time is 1 hour, your Distance travelled will be 60 miles.

Mathematically it looks like this:

60 (mph) x 1 (hour) = 60 (miles). Not too complicated, is it?!

Furthermore, we can divide each side of the equation by Rate, to figure out that

Time = Distance ÷ Rate.  

Using the example above, we find that 1 (hr) = 60 (miles) ÷ 60 (mph).

Speeding proves that you are not smart

If you aren’t following, chances are you shouldn’t have a driver’s license (and that you failed 4th grade math.)

If you are following, then you should understand what I’m about to declare:

Speeding in your vehicle is a terribly illogical mathematical decision, and it unnecessarily puts your life and the lives of others at risk.

Now I’m not overly concerned with the life of a speeder, someone who recklessly, willingly and knowingly breaks the law, but I am concerned with my life and the lives of other responsible, logical drivers.

Here’s an easy way to see exactly how widespread the problem is.

Get in your car.

Get on the highway.

Set your cruise control to the exact speed limit.

Observe how many vehicles are passing you. (On a side note, you’ll probably also observe a lot of people who are visibly upset that you are not driving fast enough!)

What you’ll find is that nearly every vehicle on the highway is passing you… aka SPEEDING!

Each passing vehicle is a law-breaker. And a person who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘limit.’ I for one, wish their definition of ‘limit’ applied to my curfew when I was in high school, or to my line of credit now. After all, to them, ‘limit’ certainly doesn’t mean ‘maximum’ !!

What the speeders do not understand is that besides being dangerous, speeding is illogical, especially for the everyday, in-town drive (which is the kind of drive we take the most often).

For example – let’s say you are driving to your local mall which is 5 miles from your house. The speed limit en route is 45 mph, yet you decide that you don’t care about civilized society or its laws, and you are going to go 55 mph.

What do you really gain by going 10 mph over the speed limit? Let’s see what the math tells us. We know that Time = Distance ÷ Rate.

In this case, Time = 5 (mi) ÷ 55 (mph) = .09/hr, or 5.45 minutes.

Now, had you obeyed the law, as you were supposed to, how much time would it have cost you?

The math tells us that you’d have spent 5 (mi) ÷ 45 (mph) = .11/hr, or 6.66 minutes.

By speeding, breaking the law and needlessly putting innocent lives at risk, you have saved yourself a whopping 1.21 minutes.

Take the same example but make it a 50 mile trip instead of 5 and you have saved 10 minutes. 500 miles… 100 minutes. By now you  should get the point… there is no reasonable way to justify speeding as “saving time” is not a reasonable answer. Nothing gives you the right to negatively affect the life of another, which is exactly what you are doing when you disobey the laws of the road.

Want to save time? Leave earlier.

Don’t let this be you… but mainly don’t let this be me or someone I care about

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