Manned Moon Landing Hoax

Searching the google machine that is the Internet for “moon landing,” you’ll find a million pages of links.

Actually its closer to 6 million, but that is beside the point.

Nearly 1 million of those pages are about a “fake moon landing,” and I’m here to add to that total.

Not that I’m some conspiracy nut. (I am a nut but that isn’t why)

I don’t dwell on most moon landing hoax theories, including fake photos or flags blowing in the wind (I could not care less about those things), rather I question the big-picture.

The story goes like this:

In 1961, President Kennedy declared that the USA would put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. In 1969, man “successfully” landed on the moon. And then man “returned” 5 more times in the next three years only for the missions to come to an abrupt halt. The 8 years in between 1961-1969 are what I’d like to focus on.

Saturn V Rocket – The tallest, heaviest and most powerful rocket ever brought to operational status. And it was designed in the 60s.

My main skepticism comes from simply looking at the dates. I’m supposed to believe that in 8 years, using 1960s technology, NASA designed and developed, from scratch, the 3 most advanced devices of all time (Saturn V Rocket, Space Suit, Lunar Module), and successfully landed men on the moon 6 times in 3 years (that’s an average of once every 6 months for those of you who are bad at math!) These men also supposedly took off from the moon and safely returned to Earth. That is pretty impressive considering we can’t launch a Shuttle from Florida in 2011 if the weather isn’t perfect (or if we are SpaceX in 2015…sadly.)

Read that part again… 8 years… 1960s technology. That does not and will not ever sit right with me. Using basic logic, one would assume that in 8 years in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s mankind would be developing things that far surpass what we made in the 60s… yet that isn’t the case. In fact, it’s far from it. Every other facet of life has improved since the 60s yet space travel seems to have regressed. Can you imagine if things like cars, airplanes, computers, & TVs were behind where they were in 1969?!

Pretty close to a 2011 TV, no?

Additionally, no other developed nation has even come close to replicating these “feats” of the 60s. China, with their endless supply of money, hopes to have a man on the moon by 2030. Again, using basic logic, I wonder why, with the USA already setting the blueprint, and with 2011 technology at their hands, it would take China over 25 years to accomplish what the USA claims to have done in 8, over forty years ago.

Apollo Lunar Module – “The most advanced machine ever conceived by man”

Since 1972, no other nation has claimed to put a man past Low-Earth Orbit (160 km – 2000 km from Earth). You have heard of this before… it’s where the ISS (International Space Station) resides, between 278 km – 460 km above Earth’s surface. The moon, on the other hand, is between 356,000 km to 406,000 km away. Not quite the same, is it? For those of you who think that housing astronauts at 460 km is the same as 406,000 km, I’ll tell you to save it, or to trade me your $406,000 for my $460 🙂

Furthermore, prior to 1961, the USA’s space program was largely a complete failure. Fifteen consecutive U.S. unmanned lunar missions over a six-year period from 1958 to 1964 all failed their primary photographic missions. Yet just 5 years later, the USA claims to have successfully put men on the moon.

Most people do not realize that no other nation has claimed to put a man on the moon. A lot of people simply assume that Russia did. Those same people, and most others, don’t even give a second thought to man landing on the moon. “Of course it happened” is a common reply I hear when talking about the subject.

Yet these people haven’t given it serious thought since they learned about it in school, or in the case of the baby boomers, since they “witnessed” it happen! I simply ask for people to use their heads and to start thinking critically, instead of believing everything that is told to them because “it must have happened.”

I believe that JFK had good intentions when he made his bold statement in 1961. However I think he bit off more than he could chew. After the early failures of the Apollo program, I believe that NASA had too much pride and too much financial incentive to scrap the program (they had already invested billions, and they would continue to receive funding so long as the program was showing progress.)

Again, the big picture is what makes me skeptical, however if you continue to research on your own, you’ll find numerous other examples including cancelled Apollo missions, lost priceless, one-of-a-kind tapes, declarations of a manned Mars landing by 1984 and more.

Hello, look at me, I’m on the moon!


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25 Responses to Manned Moon Landing Hoax

  1. Gene Kranz says:

    Remember Neil Armstrong,
    Focus on Buzz Aldrin,
    Appreciate Michael Collins


  2. jasonRF says:

    i think u need ur head examined u conspiricie nut case. r their aliens under ur bed too? is the gov’t watching ur every move? do u wear a helmet made of aluminom foil? u r like cousin eddie n clark w grizwald rnt u.


    • donniccolo says:


      I can tell by your spelling and grammar that you are much smarter than me… hopefully you are smart enough to understand sarcasm, as in this reply.



      • Chip Maylie says:

        I’d mention the Van Allen radiation belt. That was proof enough for me regarding how a tin can didn’t allow those guys to irradiate in 69


      • donniccolo says:

        Tin can…ha! I could not agree more—have you seen the actual things in the museums in DC?! They are laughable at best yet somehow China cannot replicate them 46 years later with a blueprint and 2015 tech. Riiiiiiight……..


  3. donniccolo says:

    Thanks to WB for sharing this funny photo!


  4. Fucking BILL says:

    Dr. Nicastro, we believe that the purpose of science is to serve mankind. You, however, seem to regard science as some kind of dodge or hustle. Your theories are the worst kind of popular tripe, your methods are sloppy and your conclusions are highly questionable. You, Dr. Nicastro, are a poor scientist. – Dean Yeager


  5. donniccolo says:


    Riiiiight… shouldn’t this be easy for them if the USA did it in 8 years?


    • Josh S says:

      I think the big reason why we seem to be unable to acheive what we did in the 60’s space race now is because in the past couple decades human rights have changed dramaticly. Safety laws are enforced with iron grips that are constantly tightening. The case is we live in a world now where everything has to be perfect and polished up with almost 0% chance of error. The astronauts of the 60’s were pioneers a rare breed of strong willed men unafraid of consequence who knew deep inside that they might never return home and there was no garentee they would return home. Today we would expect our astronauts to be comfortable, well fed, entertained, and not to mention completely safe from ever threat conceivable on their journey no to mention countless other little things that human rights would demand absolutely manditory. The point is that today is a different world with different people that have different mindsets what seems easy to acheive in the past might have new unique challenges today. Whos ready to build the next Great Pyramid out of qaurried Limestone? Materials are different today as well what seemed to be cheap and effective at the time might be a joke in todays advances in materials but make it almost impractical in cost or manufactoring.

      Well thats my rant to start off the year(:


      • donniccolo says:

        Thanks for the comment, Josh.

        I agree human rights and expectations have changed drastically in 40 years, however I still think with the impeccable track record of the Apollo missions (6 landings in 7 missions, 0 deaths after men “landed on moon”) there is no reason to suspect today’s Astronauts would be in any more danger given the advance in tech in the past 40 years. If anything, logic would say that we’d be able to achieve what we did in the 60s with much less risk!


  6. anon says:

    The Russians put a man in space long before the moon landing. You are underestimating what smart people can do.

    You are also underestimating the focus and willpower of the time. They had HUGE budgets and lots of scientists. It was also accepted that people could die while trying new tech. It is simply not possible to recreate those conditions today.

    It is also wrong to say they developed everything from scratch. They had rockets before Saturn.


    • donniccolo says:

      Thanks, anonymous 🙂

      The Russians not only put a man in space long before, they beat the USA in nearly every facet of the “space race.” Curious minds then wonder, why did Russia never achieve what the USA did… especially if it only took the USA 8 years?!

      RE: rockets – yes, the USA had worked on rockets prior to the Saturn V, however the tech was still brand new and one would think if USA could develop the Saturn in 10 years, what could they develop in 40?!


  7. Rocky says:

    What about those thousands of people that worked for NASA they would have known that there wasn’t really a trip to the moon and how would hide that.


    • donniccolo says:


      This is a common argument I hear, however it is a simple one to understand… the 1000s of people working on the project were not “in” on it… they simply believed they were actually seeing men walk on the moon… in other words, they just went about their jobs and never knew that the mission they were working on was fake from the beginning. Think about it: how would a man/woman in Houston really know if men were truly on the moon?

      Again – why has no entity save NASA ever confirmed the “success” of the Apollo program, and why has no entity ever been able to reproduce it, given the blueprint the USA has laid out and 40+ years of technological advancements?!


  8. John P says:

    This tired argument has been shot down time and time again. Seems to me you’re just another whacked out speed-head with too much time on your hands and too much hash in your pipe.

    In my opinion the only thing absurd is your assertion that all of this is fake. You read things in books (or worse, on the Internet) decades after it occurred and are poking holes at questions that YOU don’t have answered.

    But just because you don’t know the answer doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just means that you don’t have the answer.

    A mountain of proof has been presented, including the entire world watching the rocket launch and landing on TV, yet you present only questions. When you have actual proof and not little things like a lack of understanding about the climate control in the suit, I’ll be ready to listen.

    Check out my blog if you’d like to learn more.


    • donniccolo says:


      Thanks for your reply. However in the future, please leave the insults and personal attacks at the door. There is no need for them in a rational discussion and they only make you look like a buffoon.

      First of all, one can never have too much hash in his pipe.

      Next, there has not been “a mountain of proof.” In fact, there is no proof. I look forward to reading your blog and commenting in an insightful way w/o tearing you down.

      Just because something was on TV, doesn’t mean it is real. You must understand that?!

      I agree, the purported features of the space suit were incredible, hence why I listed it as one of the 3 greatest inventions ever. What doesn’t make sense is that it was supposedly invented w/ 60s technology in less than 8 years. Again, I ask, why can’t man replicate these feats, and surpass them, with 2012 technology? Why does China need 30 years to do what the USA claims to have done in 8? China has all of the advantages: unlimited $, the USA blueprint, and 2012 tech.


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