NCAA Compliance Issues Solved – Yep, It’s This Easy!

Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock, you’re most likely aware of the slew of NCAA violations recently exposed at major institutions.

You’re probably also aware that all of these institutions have a Compliance Department, with Compliance Officers tasked to ensure violations do not occur.

Yet time and time again, violations do occur. And often.

In the case of OSU and Miami (and most likely a lot of other schools) these violations are blatant and egregious (ok Miami takes the cake by a large margin in the egregious category, but both schools should be embarrassed and ashamed… so should you Mr. Cam Newton’s father.)

How is it that these schools have Officers “dedicated” to outing wrongdoings, yet the wrongdoings are as blatant as can be?! Ohio State is rumored to have nineteen, yes NINETEEN full-time Compliance Officers… and I’m supposed to believe that NONE of them thought to ask where “poor” college kids got the money for numerous tattoos that cost anywhere from $100 to over $1000?!

Give me a break. It’s not that the Compliance Department doesn’t see the wrongdoings… it’s that they have no incentive to do their job. After all, they are employed by the very institution they are supposed to be keeping an eye on. Who wants to bite the hand that feeds it?! I know I don’t.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple: Staff Ohio State’s Compliance Department with Officers from the University of Michigan! And vice-versa! As “Freakonomics” brilliantly points out, people respond to incentives, and they respond big time. Violations aren’t hard to find when people are actually looking for them, and I can guarantee that if Ohio State was littered with “rats” from UM, questions would certainly be asked when a player shows up with expensive tats all over his body that he didn’t have upon entering school.

Now I know the NCAA isn’t the smartest or best run institution on the block, however this should be a no-brainer. Place Compliance Officers from different Universities at schools other than their own, and watch the magic happen.

My prediction: only the stupidest people will continue to commit violations (I’m talking to you Mr. Newton and you too Terrelle Pryor) while the vast majority of wrongdoings will cease and cease quickly.

(11/9/11 update – Check out my thoughts on the sex scandal at Penn State – I wonder if Compliance Officers from other schools would have turned their backs on this?)

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1 Response to NCAA Compliance Issues Solved – Yep, It’s This Easy!

  1. jimblack1944 says:

    You are a freakin’ genius! The NCAA should higher you and two of your closest friends immediately, kinda like the Colts hired Jim Tressel but without the absurd 5-game suspension.


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