Continental Airlines Thinks a Canceled Flight Actually Flew!

We don't know which flights took off and which were canceled!

I was recently the unfortunate victim of the dreaded canceled flight. In nearly 30 years of flying, I cannot remember a time I’ve ever had a flight canceled on me while I was in the airport just an hour before takeoff.

I can’t imagine that a canceled flight so uncommon that the airline itself could somehow mess it up, yet Continental Airlines certainly did.

After speaking with a nice lady at the Continental Desk in lovely Cleveland-Hopkins Airport, I was offered a free hotel room or a $100 voucher toward a future flight (due to Continental saying they could not rent me a car for ‘liability purposes’.)

I was also told that the leg of my trip that was canceled would be refunded to me and that to get this refund, I would simply have to call Continental (it would’ve just been too efficient to give me a refund at the same time they gave me the voucher!)

After getting my $100 voucher, the fun began… I called Continental and was shocked to hear that they had me down as a “no-show” for the flight!

I asked the obvious question, “how could I be a no-show for a flight that never happened?” and I was told that according to their records, the flight did take off! I then proceeded to ask why I was holding a $100 voucher and if it is common company policy to hand out vouchers to people who “no-showed” for their flight?!

Their reply? “We are sorry – we show that the flight took off. Please call a different department, maybe they can help you.”

Lol customer service and internal systems. You have computers that fly planes, but apparently they aren’t capable of tracking flights!

I do not get a good feeling thinking about air travel when a billion dollar corporation like Continental Airlines could make such an elementary mistake… claiming that a flight took place when it never did! WTF gives? It’s 2011 – how in the world is it possible for Continental’s internal systems to have incorrect information… on such a crucial piece of info?!

Losing luggage is one thing… but losing an entire flight?! Give me a break.

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  1. Mr. says:

    what did you do with the coupon?
    May I use it?


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