Self Driving Cars!

It amazes me when I hear people in Ohio talk about building the “3C” rail line connecting Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. Politicians & lobbyists used to talk about this frequently, and thankfully since John Kasich became Ohio’s Governor, most of this talk has died down. The Governor realizes that even with Federal help, Ohio cannot afford to build and maintain this rail line, and he has vowed to shut down the plan.

I’m not sure if the Governor also realizes that trains like this one (avg speed 39 mph) are completely worthless in the real world. As the internet grows and wireless speeds get faster and faster, it makes more sense to abandon the device from the 1800s (train) and embrace the future… cars that drive themselves!

Think about it – once perfected self driving cars will be infinitely more practical than a gigantic train. No busy train station. No set schedules. No needing a car to get you to and from the station. No strangers. No sitting uncomfortably for hours. Nothing. Simply go online, or use your smartphone, or even phone in a request and a self driving cab, van, suv, etc, will pick you up and take you to your destination. All while you relax in the back seat, sleeping, working, doing whatever you want! Need something to transport the lower class? Self driving buses!

I envision a future where going online to order transportation via self driving car will be as common as ordering an airline ticket. It should become even more common place as airlines still require us to follow their schedules. In theory, a self driving cab should be even more readily available than today’s actual cabs! (and hopefully they will cost less!)

Airplanes are basically flown by computer. We put devices 30,000 feet in the sky and shuttle hundreds of people and tons of cargo around the world. I fail to believe that a computer can control a machine like this, but cannot safely transport goods and people via automobile on today’s existing roads and highways!

I encourage you to reach out to yourΒ politiciansΒ and ask that they use funding to bring self-driving cars to their state instead of wasting a billion dollars on an outdated technology that no one will use!

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6 Responses to Self Driving Cars!

  1. donniccolo says:

    emailed the following to Governor Kasich:

    full blog here:

    thank you, governor, for scrapping the horrible waste of money that was 3C rail.

    i’d like you to consider giving google some incentives to come to ohio, specifically to work on their self-driving cars. i don’t think i have to explain to a smart man like you how important self driving cars, buses, and taxicabs will be in the next 50+ years. let’s be ahead of the curve.


    nicholas nicastro


  2. Chris Jourdan says:

    Well said Mr. Nicastro!

    If Ohio is the first state to have a mass roll out of self driving cars – I’m moving back!


  3. donniccolo says:

    let’s patent an App that allows you to order transportation from a self driving car from your iDevice!


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