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Friends and Family Discounts on Verizon Wireless, iPhone, Droid Tablet and Accessories

Friends and family pricing on iphones, droids, ipads, tablets and anything related to wireless! Continue reading

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Women in the Men’s Locker Room? Sure – Female Locker Room Attendants!

The uproar at the 2011 master over Tara Sullivan being denied access to the locker room is laughable for a few reasons. First, it is mens locker room. A place where men get naked, shower, shit and walk around with … Continue reading

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Go Yankees

A week into the season the Yankees are 5-3 and Boston is 1-7. They play a rubber match tonight on Sunday Night Baseball. Let’s hope NYY can extend the lead to 5 games and never look back!

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Self Driving Cars!

Once perfected self driving cars will be infinitely more practical than a gigantic train. No busy train station. No set schedules. No needing a car to get you to and from the station. No strangers. No sitting uncomfortably for hours. Nothing. Simply go online, or use your smartphone, or even phone in a request and a self driving cab, van, suv, etc, will pick you up and take you to your destination. Continue reading

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