Jim Rome is a Punk

(Originally written for jockpost.com 5/27/10)

Jim Rome makes me sick. The guy is fortunate to have a radio show and a TV show and through these shows he reaches lots of people.  Like many shows, Rome chooses to sometimes uses sound clips to compliment whatever he is talking about.

Ask anyone who listens to Rome and they will tell you that he is a guy who prides himself on things like respect and courtesy.  That being said, it absolutely boggles my mind that Rome doesn’t think it is bad taste and completely disrespectful to constantly play a clip of a woman in agony.

The woman I am referring to is Nancy Kerrigan, and the clip Rome constantly plays is of Kerrigan crying “why, why, why” after being clubbed in the knee by some ass***e hired by Tonya Harding and co.

Luckily, some douche bag who proudly calls himself a “clone” of Jim Rome has put this clip and many others online for us to hear! (On a side note, kudos to Rome for somehow figuring out a way to call all of his lame followers “clones” while getting them to embrace the obviously condescending nickname.)

Don’t get me wrong, Kerrigan has had her fair share of negative publicity, but I hardly think this makes it ok to blast her cries of pain and agony across the airwaves for nothing other than personal gain.  Rome acts like he is high and mighty Jim Rome Deserves a Nancy Kerrigan Like Clubbing of His Ownbut things like this make him look like a real piece of s**t.

While discussing the idea for this story with a usually reasonable and logical friend, I was surprised to hear that he thought I was out of line and that Rome is doing nothing wrong because the event happened so long ago and Kerrigan ultimately profited off of it. This friend, lets call him “Rex,” is obviously out of his mind and I was sure to tell him that.

While I agree that the event certainly led to greater exposure to the outside world and possibly more sponsors, it is laughable to think that getting clubbed in the knee was a good thing for her figure skating career.  While she recovered to secure the Silver Medal in the 1994 Olympics (a pretty amazing feat in itself), there is no debating that the injury she suffered just 7 weeks prior definitely affected her performance and potentially cost her the Gold.

As for Jim Rome, a guy with a wife and a young son, I wonder if he’d have a problem with a national media outlet using a clip of his wife or son crying in agony!

Jim Rome Deserves a Nancy Kerrigan Like Clubbing of His Own: http://jockpost.com/jim-rome-deserves-nancy-kerrigan-clubbing/#ixzz1IBVNANVR

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