Cold Weather Super Bowl? How About Cold Weather NCAA Bowl Games?!

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The 2014 Super Bowl has been the talk of the town because it will be held in New York, in a cold weather environment where the elements could affect the game.  This decision has created plenty of debate and football fans everywhere are giving their take on why this is good or bad for the game.

Regardless of what its impact is on future Super Bowls, my hope is that this opens up the possibility of holding NCAA Bowl Games in cold weather environments!  Warm weather teams already have a distinct advantage when it comes to the locations of meaningful bowl games.  I say it is time to level the playing field by including numerous cold weather sites as hosts of bowl games.

Can you imagine watching USC play Florida for the National Championship at the Horseshoe on a snowy January night in Columbus?!

Or LSU vs Oklahoma in front of Touchdown Jesus?!?!

How about Alabama vs Texas at the Big House?!  Even Michigan fans would have to agree that this matchup would be a huge draw, especially considering they most likely won’t have a team playing in a bowl game.

It is no secret that the NCAA is a gigantic “for-profit” business and that opponents will argue that cold weather = less revenue.  I say fuck that.  First of all, it’s pure speculation.  I could just as easily speculate that cold weather = more revenue.  While I don’t necessarily think this would be the case, I also don’t think that it is very reasonable to simply assume that a cold weather location will bring in substantially less.Cold Weather Super Bowl? How About Cold Weather Bowl Games?

I’m sure the hotels and bars and restaurants and bowling alleys and movie theatres and shopping centers in these cold weather cities would agree!

I have also heard opponents claim that cold weather sites would be too dangerous for the players.  This is a laughable statement because if it were true, wouldn’t all cold weather games be dangerous?

Hopefully someone at the NCAA gets their head out of their ass and gives this some serious consideration.  It’s time we remember that college football is a national game and its most meaningful games can be played throughout the entire nation.

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